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I want to be able to attribute my positive experiences at Gamestop to something, as so many people seem to have nothing but the opposite. I’ve never been pressured into a purchase, hounded during a visit, or annoyed by an employee to the point where I was regretting even showing up in the first place.

Maybe it’s my total lack of interest in whatever the employee has to say to me from the beginning, in such an obvious way, that imprints upon them my total, well, lack of interest in what they are saying. Perhaps it is the fleeting eye contact upon entrance that never fully bridges a human connection between us that keeps them from further attempting to sell me on things that I may or may not be completely uninterested in buying in the first place.

Or perhaps, for the people who have such bad experiences, it’s your complete inability to keep these overzealous employees from bothering you. Or maybe I’m just lucky in that every time I’ve entered any Gamestop I’ve ever been in, I just happen to do so when the so-called ‘cool employees’ are working.

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